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Last weekend on the circuit of Nurburgring was held the sixth meeting of the Formula 3 Euro Series. During this event all the Team wanted to acknowledge the progress done in this period.

Unfortunately two contacts in the first stage of Race 1 excluded two of our drivers, Spaniard Alejandro Nunez and Italian Paolo Nocera, compromising a good starting position in Sunday’s race.

Our other driver Irish Ronayne O’Mahony is in continuous progress and race after race continues to perfection his chronometric results.

The weekend started on Thursday with two free practice sessions called “Pre-Event Test” where teams and drivers had the occasion to optimize the set up for the difficult circuit of Nurburgring. The balance was positive considering the amount of tests performed by our drivers. Our best driver was Alejandro Nunez who positioned in 14th place followed in 15th by Paolo Nocera and in 20th by Ronayne O’Mahony.

The following day was held a one hour free practice session followed by the qualifying session in late afternoon which determined the starting order of race 1. Our best driver was Alejandro Nunez who obtained the twelfth time followed by rookie Paolo Nocera who was classified in fourteenth position. Eighteenth time for Ronayne O’Mahony.

Race 1 finished early for two of our drivers who after a good start were almost in the Top 10 positions due to a contact with opponents in the early stages of the race. Alejandro, after a front nose change re-entered in the race nevertheless distanced from the group while Nocera was forced to retire with the front suspension damaged. Fourteenth position for Ronayne O’Mahony who certainly did a good race.

On Sunday was held the second race which was certainly very interesting for the crowd present in the grand stands. All three drivers gained important positions after starting with dry conditions and a vigilant first part of the race. O’Mahony was ninth, Nunez was twelfth and Nocera was fifteenth. An unexpected rain was the main key of the race. The asphalt was slippery and didn’t forgive the errors of many drivers and the presence of the safety car permitted Nocera to re-enter in the box in order to substitute the tyres as two other opponents did. Nunez and O’Mahony remained on track with the slick tyres but the conditions were really difficult. For Nunez a contact with an other driver and for O’Mahony a spin were the motives of an early race finish. On the other hand Nocera finished in twelfth position, not using at maximum, due to inexperience, the most favourable conditions.

Angelo Rosin, Team Principal of the team: “The debut of Paolo Nocera in this difficult category was very positive. The young Italian committed a few errors due to his inexperience and didn’t manage to obtain what he has the potential for. Unfortunate was Alejandro Nunez who compromised a result in race 1. Finally Ronayne O’Mahony’s performance was positive and race after race he continues to improve. Now we have to prepare at best for the next meeting scheduled for the first weekend of September on the Dutch circuit of Zandvoort.

As every year the main Teams and drivers registered in various Formula 3 National championships took part in the meeting organized at the Dutch circuit of Zandvoort, for the first international event of the category, the Formula 3 Masters, this year sponsored by BP Ultimate.

Prema went on track with the Spaniard Alejandro Nunez, Irish Ronayne O’Mahony and Italian Paolo Nocera.

The weekend was organized during two days. On Saturday the drivers were involved in two free practice sessions and in two qualifying sessions that determined the starting grid of the race that was held on Sunday.

During the free practice sessions our drivers obtained good chronometric results that demonstrate the good work done. Unfortunately, the qualifying results didn’t confirm what was obtained during the free practice and our drivers concluded respectively in tenth position of his group for Nunez, and fourteenth and fifteenth of their group for O’Mahony and Nocera. For these both drivers the result was compromised by an incident in the important final stage of the qualifying session.

The positions in qualifying compromised a possible race result. The circuit of Zandvoort is certainly not easy for overtaking. Concerning the race result, Nunez finished seventeenth, O’Mahony twenty-fourth and Nocera thirtieth.

Paolo’s debut inside the Team was good and the race was highly competitive. Some mistakes compromised a possible better result.

Now the Team will prepare for the next race of the Formula 3 Euro Series 2006 Championship scheduled on the circuit of Nurburgring in two weeks time.

As every year, both races at Norisring demonstrated to the abundant crowd a great show rich of emotions and unexpected results. In this occasion Prema obtained its first seasonal point with Joao Urbano, who also saw vanish the chances of a certain podium finish in the late stages of Race 2. The weekend had started with free practice session where our drivers, Spanish Alejandro Nunez, Irish Ronayne O’Mahony and Portuguese Joao Urbano finished respectively thirteenth, twenty-first and twelfth.

Unlucky was the qualifying session, where in the last minutes our drivers couldn’t find traffic free laps. Our best performer was Urbano who obtained the fourteenth position immediately followed by Alejandro Nunez and O’Mahony in nineteenth position. In race 1 Joao managed to obtain the first seasonal point. Author of a careful and aggressive race he finished in eighth position, which awarded him with the pole position for the second race. Satisfying eleventh place for Ronayne O’Mahony, who continues improving in this difficult championship.

Unlucky was on the other hand Alejandro Nunez, who was forced to retire at mid race due to a contact with an opponent, which made him lose the opportunity of starting the second race from a better position. In race 2 Joao was a protagonist until a few laps from the end when he braked too late at the first curve and had to say goodbye to a possible and deserved podium finish.

Seventh position for Alejandro Nunez who started the race from the twenty-first position and arrived almost in the points zone. Twelfth position finally for the Irish Ronayne O’Mahony.

Angelo ROSIN, Team Principal of the Vicenza-based Team: “I am very displeased for the absence of results. All the team had done a very good weekend. Joao was unlucky he couldn’t obtain a deserved result. Nevertheless we still have to stay concentrated and continue the hard work.”

Once more, here at Brands Hatch the results of the Team Prema were poorer than expected. A series of unfortunate conditions didn’t allow our drivers, the Spanish Alejandro Nunez, Irish Ronayne O’Mahony and Portuguese Joao Urbano, to concretize the potential at disposal.

During the pre race period all the Team’s technical staff had worked hardly in order to give to the drivers the important improvements for them to gain a few classification positions. During the first free practice session, the performance of Alejandro who finished tenth, very close to the top 5 was very good. Ronayne O’Mahony finished eighteenth, whereas Joao Urbano didn’t exceed the nineteenth position after committing a mistake and damaging the car. The incident occurred in the final stage of the first free practice session and caused his nonparticipation in the second free practice in the afternoon.

In the afternoon the Team’s work continued with Alejandro Nunez obtaining the fourteenth place followed by Ronayne O’Mahony in twenty-first place. On Friday another hour of free practice before the qualifying session which determined the starting order of the race. In this last exercise, traffic and set up problems didn’t allow our drivers to exceed the nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-second positions respectively with Ronayne O’Mahony, Alejandro Nunez and Joao Urbano.

Race 1, completed by a distance of 56 laps reminded a parade with no emotions. Not one overtaking was achieved and the arrival classification respected the starting order of the race. Unfortunately, this is due to the circuit’s characteristic that doesn’t possess any real overtaking points. On Sunday however, was held the second race that saw Alejandro, Joao and Roynane respectively finish at fourteenth, fifteenth and twenty-third places.

Angelo Rosin, Team Principal of the Vicenza-based Team: “It has been a really very difficult weekend. I was convinced that here at Brands Hatch it was possible to obtain positive results. Nevertheless, we have to continue our work, confident of returning to the expected positions.”

After more than one month of intermission, the Formula 3 Euro Series championship returns on track at the English circuit of Brands Hatch for the fourth meeting of the series.

This is the first time that the championship following the DTM, the famous German Tourism category with the participation of Audi and Mercedes, races in English territory. This will be an important meeting, the only one in England, where drivers will fight on an Indy style configuration track. The organizers have chosen this particular configuration in order for the spectators to stay in contact with the cars and in order to guarantee more show.

The weekend will be preceded on Thursday of two collective test sessions where the objective will be to optimize the cars’ set up. Very motivated and willing to go on track again, are our drivers, Spanish Alejandro Nunez, Irish Ronayne O’Mahony and Portuguese Joao Urbano. In this period the team never stopped and continued working on the cars’ set up. The weekend’s format will remain unchanged as regards of the previous meetings.

“In this last period engineers and drivers have worked a lot on solving the problems appeared during the first races. The work done is considerable; we now just have to confirm this technical progress. This race outside the German territory gives major importance to our series that visits overall four countries of the old continent” said Angelo Rosin, Team Principal of the Vicenza based Team, before departing for Brands Hatch.

The results can be followed “live” on the championship’s site and slightly delayed inside our webpage.