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Isaac TutumluAnother historical result for the Spanish driver of Kurdish ancestry and Barzani Racing Team, finishing second in A6-Am class of the 24 hours of Dubai. Rhino´s Leipert Motorsport Lamborghini Gallardo FL2 GT3 performed extremely well.

Isaac Tutumlu has finished second in his class at the finish of the 24 hours of Dubai, being 8th overall as well. Another outstanding result built on a superb performance coming from Tutumlu at night, as the Spanish driver of Kurdish roots drove faultless.

Barzani Racing Team driver took part in the race at the wheel of a Lamborghini Gallardo FL2 GT3 fielded by rhino´s Leipert Motorsport and teaming up with Oliver Webb, Jeroen Mul, Jan Stovicek and Yoshiharu Mori, a well-balanced team to tend towards the victory. Although the weekend didn´t start well, as an engine failure stopped them, Tutumlu stormed to pole position in qualifying, setting a lap of 2:05.006 in A6-Am class. It needs to be highlighted that Tutumlu couldn´t go faster than 2:05 or, otherwise, his team would have been classified as a Pro team, an handicap having two gentlemen drivers on board. In the race the Lamborghini Gallardo was in top-six almost ever and, from the halfway point, they did set themselves up as potential winners. At the end, Tutumlu carried out an exceptional stint, passing two cars and gaining back thirty seconds on the leader. Finally, just a few seconds prevent Tutumlu from winning.

“I´m delighted to be here this weekend. Our start was not that positive when our new engine experienced problems in the private test, but fortunately we had an exchange engine. Three engineers from Lamborghini and our team worked hard to solve it and our work proved to be effective. We already knew Dubai was a very difficult race, so our second place in class and 8th overall, taking into consideration there were more than 80 cars on the grid, is an amazing result”, Tutumlu explained, feeling very fatigued. So far, he points out “my unique previous experience was 24 hours of Barcelona some years ago. But this was much more demanding. I drove over eight hours, sleepless, and mostly at night. My last stint was quite good, passing two cars and just the need to save fuel prevented me to catch the leader. But anyway it was a great race and to be on the podium with my Kurdish flag was a memorable moment. My pole position was remarkable as well. All my thanks go to Barzani family, Kurdistan and my sponsors. Now I´m looking forward to Daytona, for sure it will be another milestone moment of the season with plenty of excitement. This race will be a bigger challenge, as the PC car is more physically demanding”.

Isaac TutumluThe Spanish driver of Kurdish heritage completed his first outing at the wheel of Starworks Motorsport Oreca-Chevrolet taking part in the Roar before The Rolex 24 and showing a clear positive evolution over the test. Now he is already focused on the 24 hours of Dubai.

Isaac Tutumlu met his first target this season, participating in the Roar before The Rolex 24 at Daytona, the official test valid for the famous 24 hours of Daytona taking place later this month. Barzani Racing Team driver carried out his first outing driving the Oreca-Chevrolet fielded by Starworks Motorsport, his new weapon for this season´s challenge: the Tudor United SportsCar Championship. Despite how difficult this new racing program is, Tutumlu improved his performance and race pace constantly while discovering the car and the track. After eight practice sessions, Tutumlu set a best lap of 1:44.285, quite close to top-times, teaming up with Alex Popow, Martín Fuentes and Rob Huff.

“We were working on the car settings, as the car struggled at the beginning when breaking, because we suffered from wheel locking. But the test was very good, as I didn´t know either the car or the track, and my feedback could not have been better. I put more than thirty laps under my belt here, and they will help me to approach the 24 hours of Daytona”, Tutumlu explains. “Our last day was the best one, because our car was very competitive and we clocked quick lap times. In the same vein, we need to keep working like that for our future commitments here!”, the driver of Kurdish ancestry stresses out, who is going to race in the 24 hours of Dubai this week for rhino´s Leipert Motorsport. “It will be a good preparation for Daytona, and another 24-hour experience will be most valuable to me. The Lamborghini Gallardo FL2 GT3 is quite apart from the Oreca-Chevrolet, but it doesn´t really matter. I want to achieve a good result in Dubai”, Tutumlu added about this race where his teammates will be Oliver Webb, Jeroen Mul, Jan Stovicek and Yoshinaru Mori. The 24 hours of Dubai is set to start at 14.00 on Friday.

Isaac TutumluDespite this championship has a very high and professional profile, with up to three official teams, Tutumlu and Barzani Racing Team could overcome some problems on Saturday and today they finished sixth, with the Spaniard of Kurdish ancestry being one of the fastest on track.

Isaac Tutumlu and Barzani Racing Team had a positive debut in the Campionato Italiano Gran Turismo, celebrating this weekend a new race meeting at Mugello. Tutumlu drove the Autorlando Porsche 997 GT3 R once again but this time teaming up with a new teammate: Antonio Spavone. Even when Tutumlu hadn´t ever raced at this track, he managed to finish into top-ten in free practice sessions but, unfortunately, he couldn´t have that promising feedback during qualifying sessions. “We were using the new engine for Silverstone but, after a minor problem, we chose to change it. It was a caution measure but necessary. So we´ve missed both qualifying sessions and we´ll start from the back of the grid”, Tutumlu said.

The races, taking place on Sunday, consisted of 50 minutes each. Tutumlu made the first stint in race one, overtaking several cars on the opening lap but “our car had a problem with flat bottom, so I had to pit. We tried to make repairs and continue racing but the Porsche wasn´t working properly, losing time sector by sector. So, after fourteen laps, we retired”, the GT Open winner in Jerez commented. For race two, Spavone completed a good opening stint, coming through an important number of cars. With Tutumlu taking over at the wheel of the car, the Spaniard of Kurdish ancestry became one of the fastest men on track, finishing 6th the end. “I was trying to finish into top five places, but our feeling with this tire compound has to be improved. But we completed an excellent second race, starting from the back and finishing 6th. We had to face official teams like Lamborghini, Audi and BMW and drivers such as Rinaldo Capello, Michela Cerruti, Giuseppe Cirò, Domenico Schiatarella, Alex Frassineti or Fabio Babini. I posted fastest lap at the end, something pretty surprising for my own team. It was a good debut, taking into account the championship and the track were unknown for me, and we had to start from the back of the grid. It was a good rehearsal for Silverstone, next week”, Tutumlu stressed when race two finished.

Barzani Racing TeamThe Kurdish team is currently working on its motorsport project for 2013, when they are aiming to participate in the Mobil 1 Porsche Supercup once again, the championship celebrating its venues together with Formula 1 and with a brand-new car: the 991 model.

Barzani Racing Team is working since some months ago on its racing project in the forthcoming 2013 season. A season where the Kurdish team is aiming for participating in the Mobil 1 Porsche Supercup once again, the championship organized by the Weissach-based brand and that every meeting is held with Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Barzani Racing Team has become the first team from Kurdistan to take part with a driver, Isaac Tutumlu – born in Barcelona but of Kurdish heritage and with rather experience in GT racing-, on the international stage in all motorsport history. At the moment they´re in talks with some of the most successful teams in the series but no deal hasn´t been made so far. After a 2012 season when
team and driver united their motorsport destiny and this effort coming from Barzani family and Tutumlu was globally recognized, in 2013 the goal is to be into top-ten often and being able to fight for some podiums. An ambitious target taking into account the experienced field in the series because even Porsche factory drivers are going to participate.

Additionally, in parallel to negotiations with Porsche Supercup teams, Barzani Racing Team needs backing from other companies in Kurdistan or other foreign countries with interest on Kurdish soil, in order to join this project in the Formula 1 paddock. Undoubtedly the media coverage provided by Formula 1 – TV included- means an excellent and luxurious showcase for almost every brand. If Barzani Racing Team doesn´t get necessary backing, they will have to give up.

New Porsche 991 GT3 Cup is the most recent German creation, with a 3.8-litre flat-six engine and 454bhp and a paddle-shift transmission. The championship will visit famous and prestigious European venues such as Silverstone, Monza, Spa-Francorchamps, Barcelona or Nürburgring. Monaco, the glamorous country by the Mediterranean sea, will be another step in 2013.

Isaac TutumluAfter his positive first outing with Madrid-based team in the Endurance Trophy IberGT in Valencia, the Spanish driver of Kurdish ancestry is back with them to participate in in the last event of the International GT Open in Barcelona. Tutumlu will share the new Porsche with de Castro.

Isaac Tutumlu will take part in the last meeting of International GT Open and Spanish GT / IBER GT championship at Circuit de Catalunya next weekend. The Spanish driver of Kurdish heritage, after an awesome performance in Valencia participating in the Endurance Trophy IberGT and setting the fastest lap ever for a Porsche-built car there, is back with Drivex once again. Drivex, a successful team from Madrid and backed by Porsche, will field a new Porsche 997 GT3 RSR 2012 for Tutumlu. As happened in Valencia, Tutumlu will be teaming with Miguel Ángel de Castro for both races in Barcelona.

“I feel really happy racing here. Surely it´s one of the most competitive GT races around the world, with factory drivers and teams from Porsche and Ferrari such as Manthey, IMSA, AF Corse or Villorba Corse. It means to face the highest level professionals in GT Racing, and we will have to try our best for a good result”, Tutumlu explained adding that “we have no handicap, so a good result in both races isn´t out of reach. In the Spanish GT / Iber GT, our goal is to improve our results from Valencia, where our car was severely handicapped by the rules, and in the Int´l GT Open a
podium finish would be an incredible way to finish this season. It´s my home round as well, with my people attending there, and it´s a morale booster for sure. I´d like to get a good result for them, and of course for my sponsors too. I perfectly know this circuit, and with Drivex and my teammate and I think we were able to put together a good package. This meeting will be pretty demanding, but I feel confident”.

Last but not at least, on November 10th Barzani Racing Team will launch its 2013 project in Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan. Important people and main Kurdish mass media will attend an event that “is very special and long-awaited for me, because my background comes from there. I´m glad to be there with them”, Tutumlu pointed out.

Isaac TutumluImportant meeting for Isaac Tutumlu with teams and manufacturers taking part in the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters competing in Valencia this weekend. The Spaniard driver of Kurdish heritage is working on his chances for joining the series in coming years.

Isaac Tutumlu keeps working on his professional motorsport career for the forthcoming years and, after participating recently in the Porsche Supercup, World Touring Car Championship and, two weeks ago, in the Endurance Trophy IberGT, he has travelled this weekend to Valencia. But this time he isn´t racing but to meet the main manufacturers and teams from Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, one of the most important motorsport championships around the world. Tutumlu, who posted the fastest lap ever for a Porsche-built car at Circuit de Valencia two weeks ago, keeps improving his career achievements step by step.

“This weekend is really worth for my professional career, even when I´m not racing this time. My development as a racing driver is steady and more and more teams are watching me. In Valencia I have a number of meetings with current manufacturers and teams from DTM. It´s an attempt to know better this championship, one of the most important ones now,. Maybe only Formula 1 is catching more attention nowadays”, Tutumlu said, adding that “there are three very strong manufacturers officially involved: Mercedes, Audi and BMW. And there are prospects indicating that it is getting even stronger in the future”.

Tutumlu, who is 27 years old, finally explained that “I have no doubts DTM is one of my goals, and I would like to join the series. Now it´s the moment to work as hard as possible and then consider our options in two or three years time. I am backed by Kurdistan, my sponsors and Agencia CROA, and everyone is very important for me. I appreciate their effort and to tell them I´m going to try my best to be successful in motorsport”.

Isaac TutumluTutumlu´s performance was really good today at Circuit de Valencia, finishing the Spanish driver of Kurdish heritage third among full-time Endurance Trophy IberGT contenders. His conclusions were pretty positive during his first outing with Drivex Porsche 911 GT3 RSR.

Isaac Tutumlu has finished very blissful today with his performance at the event of the Endurance Trophy IberGT held in Valencia. The 27 years-old driver made his debut at the wheel of the Porsche 911 GT3 RSR fielded by Drivex in the series, and shared with Miguel Ángel de Castro and Alan Sicart.

Tutumlu, who made the fastest lap for the team during the qualifying session, drove at the end of the race, a long and difficult last stint almost one hour long. De Castro made the start, fighting during the opening laps for podium places, before to pit for first time. With Sicart at the wheel Drivex Porsche was aiming for podium places yet. With fifty minutes to go, Tutumlu started his stint and very soon he set the fastest lap for the Porsche in the race and battling against Gianluca Carboni for several laps. “It was a very difficult race, because our car is severely handicapped due to weight in comparison with other cars taking part in the series. So we did need to give our best to stay on top. Anyway I completed a very good performance, being very fast
all the stint and Carboni passed me just at the end of the race with a few minutes to go”, Tutumlu explained when the race finished and being 3 among full-season Endurance Trophy IberGT drivers.

This first outing with Drivex for Tutumlu was “very positive. I felt quite comfortable working with Drivex. For fighting for overall places we would have needed a lighter car because now, even after a faultless race, was almost an impossible target. I´m pretty optimistic for next challenges and I´ve showed a very good progresses over the weekend and, in addition, forgetting my problems at FÖRCH recently”, Tutumlu finally added after making his debut with a factory backed car.

Isaac TutumluExcellent performance for the Spaniard driver of Kurdish ancestry during the qualifying session of the Endurance Trophy IberGT celebrated in Valencia, posting 2nd best lap in Q2. In the race he will start from 5th place after to average his lap with his teammates´ laps.

Isaac Tutumlu has had an very positive day during his debut in the Endurance Trophy IberGT at the Circuit de Valencia, and being his first outing with Drivex Porsche 911 GT3 RSR as well. After finishing his season in the Porsche Supercup, Tutumlu is pretty positive concerning tomorrow´s endurance race where he is teaming with Miguel Ángel de Castro and Alan Sicart.

In spite of his inexperience with the car, Tutumlu exhibited a quick adaptation at the wheel of the German vehicle and he was able to post times close to the leaders even in the free practice sessions. For the Spanish driver of Kurdish heritage his main target was to put experience under his belt working on the car and with Drivex, but that inexperience didn´t prevent him to show his speed in qualifying. With de Castro posting a best lap of 1:37.355 in Q1, Tutumlu improved to set a time of 1:35.686 and being 2 in Q2. In fact this lap is the fastest one ever for a Porsche 911 GT3 RSR in Valencia, because last year champion couldn´t go any faster than 1:47. The grid position was decided by the average lap of all the drivers, and Tutumlu and his teammates will start
on the third row of the starting grid tomorrow with a lap of 1:36.763.

“I feel really happy, because it was my debut with Drivex today and driving an official car. I have showed progress over the course of the day, and using my experience with other Porsche cars during recent seasons. Everything worked fine in Q2 and I was 2 . In addition, my record lap beating the previous record by more than a second is another fantastic new”, the 27 years old driver explained. For tomorrow, “our target is to complete a good race, and I am aiming for first Kurdish podium during an international race. Anyway I now it´s going to be tough because there are six cars within one second”.

The race, consisting of 130 minutes, will start at 12.15 (CET).

Isaac TutumluDespite several mechanical problems all the weekend the Spanish driver of Kurdish heritage managed to finish 13th and being best classified pilot for FÖRCH Racing by Lukas Motorspor in Italy.

Isaac Tutumlu has finished this weekend his 2012 season in the Porsche Supercup, a year when he has driven a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup lined up by FÖRCH Racing by Lukas Motorsport. His end of season was not that easy for Tutumlu, because he had to overcome mechanical problems once again.

On Friday, despite problems with transmission cooling system, he was able to set a very competitive free practice lap in the free practice session, even testing new brake pads, being one and half a second slower than drivers on top. On Saturday, Tutumlu was looking for improvements in qualifying session when his radiator got damaged and his best lap then was slower than that the
previous day. “It was a shame because my best time was during warm lap, and taking into account this fact I was only three seconds slower than pole position time. I think my chances were pretty good, but now we need to focus on the race. I am looking forward to gain some places but I know it´s going to be a challenge, because I will start on 11th row”, Tutumlu explained at the end of qualifying session.

Tutumlu wasn´t giving up and his race was quite good despite how much adversity he was facing. Transmission problems caused him “a lot of problems, because it was harder to change gears in this way. At the beginning, starting from the back of the field, I was blocked by slower drivers but I´ve improved some positions lap by lap. Finally I´ve finished 13th among full-season driver. And I was the best FÖRCH Racing driver during today´s race, a positive fact after our problems here”.

With the season over in the Porsche Supercup, Tutumlu is working on “some new projects ahead. Concerning Porsche Supercup I would like to race here next year but we need to study carefully what options we have”.

Isaac TutumluThe Spanish driver of Kurdish heritage is taking part in the last round of the Porsche Supercup in 2012 next weekend. Monza, another classic name in motorsport and known by Tutumlu, is the place where he wants to overcome his problems during recent races.

Isaac Tutumlu is eyeing his last meeting of the season in the Porsche Supercup series, which is held at another mythic layout. Last weekend the championship visited Spa-Francorchamps and now it´s the turn for Monza. In Italy, Tutumlu will drive his Porsche 911 GT3 Cup lined up by FÖRCH Racing by Lukas Motorsport once again and with a clear target on mind: to solve his problems in Hungary and Belgium. Despite these problems, he managed to score points for overall rankings.

“It is going to be our last race in the championship during current season. Monza is a very fast layout, as everyone knows, and fortunately for us, I´ve competed here before. During my debut in the Porsche Supercup back in 2009, I finished 12th on Sunday´s race and my best lap was quite close to the fastest one by then, less than a second. So I think our expectations may be good. In addition earlier this year I competed at Monza during WTCC round, and my performance was interesting even struggling with engine problems the whole weekend”, Tutumlu explained. The young GT driver also said that “we are working on the car to fix the problems happening last weekend. We are checking both chassis and suspension and maybe the gearbox could be replaced. If our car is competitive enough and me liking the track, I think our weekend ahead might be positive. I´m aiming for top-ten places and to score as many points as possible. I have chance for improving my position in the overall rankings, in spite of my retirements in Hungary and missing Bahrain rounds”.

The timetable for the weekend starts on Friday with one free practice session at 17.00, with qualifying session at 17.00 on Saturday. The race is set on Sunday at 11.45.