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Rodolfo AvilaMacanese racing star Rodolfo Avila will make his racing debut in Portugal as International Formula Master (IFM) head for the streets of Porto. And it will also bring motor sport back to the city of Porto, nearly half-a-century after Formula 1 raced on the Boavista street circuit in 1958 and 1960. This race has a special meaning for the Macanese driver as he born in Lisbon, Portugal.

Rodolfo Avila started his racing career in Macau, in 2002 but he never had a chance to race in Portugal: “I can’t wait! This is one of the most interesting races of the whole year because the circuit is so unusual and no one knows it. In other hand I’m very happy to have the opportunity to race at Portugal.

Macau is my home race but Porto will be my second home race. I don’t feel any pressure as I know I’ll have my family there to support me”, held the driver sponsored by Macau Government,, BNU, CESLAsia, PAL AsiaConsult, TsingTao, Fat Siu Lau Restaurant, Sujika Crafts and PT Asia.

The only Asian driver in the IFM was very fast in the streets of Pau and just a collision (when he tried to overtake the race leader) avoided a good final result. Avila wants to show the quick pace again but he understands his mission will not be easy. To lay the foundation for a good result the Macau SAR official driver has to perform well in qualifying. In street circuits overtaking is almost impossible as the tracks are so twisty and narrow.

“I had a good race in Pau, and I’m looking forward to another one. I tend to prefer street circuits, actually, because it’s a very different feeling for the driver, with so much more adrenaline! I’m quite accustomed to this type of track. My motorsport baptism was in Macau’s Guia Circuit. It’s hard to make any preview. Anything can happen… On a street circuit, you simply cannot afford to make mistakes. If you brake a bit too late, you are in the wall, and that’s game over. You have to concentrate for every instant. I have to do a good qualifying session in Porto if I want to be on the top”, said Avila.

IFM’s third race weekend will take place in the second-largest city of Portugal on 6 and 7 July with TV coverage on Eurosport World, Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2.

Live streaming will be available on and

Rodolfo AvilaAfter a remarkable exhibition in the streets of Pau, Macanese racing driver Rodolfo Avila is ready for a tough weekend at Czech Republic’s Autodrom in Brno which will feature both the fifth and sixth race of the International Formula Master (IFM).

At 5.403km long, the East Europe circuit is one of the longest tracks on this year’s IFM calendar, with only Monza able to claim a longer lap. All the drivers will have to exploit the superb chassis of the Formula S2000 and push extra hard in the 15 corners to ensure a good lap time. Macanese motorsport ambassador wants to score his first points of the year.

“I heard the circuit is all about quick corners; it’s a very big track, quite wide and demanding for a driver. The previous experiences will be very important but I hope my total inexperience in the circuit will not affect me too much”, held the driver sponsored by Macau Government,, BNU, CESLAsia, PAL AsiaConsult, TsingTao, Fat Siu Lau Restaurant, Sujika Crafts and PT Asia.

“We expect to fare equally well at the Brno as we did on the Pau. I really want to lap on the front but I know it isn’t easy. I’ve already witnessed many times in the IFM how vitally important it is to get a good result in qualifying”, said Avila.

A weekend layoff since the disappointing weekend in France gave the Macau SAR sportsman a chance to visit DTM Paddock in Brands Hatch, England, as Audi Sport guest. Four days before, Avila was interviewed by the British leading music TV channel MTV UK. This was a significant opportunity to increase the international TV exposure of Avila’s 2007 sponsors.

Rodolfo AvilaLast week Macanese budding racing star Rodolfo Avila completed his first test of the International Formula Master (IFM) season 2007 at Monza, Italy. The Macau SAR driver hadn’t accomplished many laps at the wheel of the brand new Formula S2000 race car but he was well impressed with the car and the teamwork.

“The car is very nice to drive and easier to control compared to the Formula 3. We had a very limited track time due to technical problems with the gearbox. I believe the championship could be very good as soon as they solve the technical problems in the car and develop the data logging system”, said the Macanese driver who is supported this year by Macau Government,, BNU, CESLAsia, PAL AsiaConsult, TsingTao, Fat Siu Lau Restaurant, Sujika Crafts and PT Asia.

This first series’ shakedown was a “one car per team” test so Avila had to share his Tatuus-Mader Honda (Formula S2000) with his two team-mates during the two days. The track time wasn’t what the Macau SAR driver expected but it was enough to take the first conclusions.

“I had never been in Monza before so I wasn’t expecting good times. Anyway I hadn’t a single chance to go for a time. Apart from the car problems this test was fine because I get to know everyone before the first race. I’m confident as I feel my team (Cram Competition) has conditions to fight for the top positions. In the fact we just need more time in the car”, Avila held.

The first round of IFM will be on 19 May at Valencia, Spain, but Rodolfo Avila and his team are planning a shakedown in Italy before.

Rodolfo AvilaMacanese Motorsport rising star Rodolfo Avila will join to Performance Racing for the first official British F3 International Series test of the 2007 session at Pembrey Circuit (Wales) on February 19/20/21.

Avila aims to race in British F3 Championship Class this season and he is working hard to get the necessary budget to accomplish his mission. As testing restrictions Series Regulations for 2007 prohibit circuit testing in an F3 car by any team or driver intending to compete in next year’s Series during the period from January 1 to February 14 inclusive. This ban is not limited simply to the UK and Europe; it is world-wide. So Macanese motorsport ambassador had to reject some seducing offers to test and race in that period.

In the home of Welsh Motorsport Rodolfo Avila wants to “get back to work. This is a very important test for me as it is the first after a long break. The team is the same of the last year for me but it has been deeply restructured after the end of 2006. These three days will help me to evaluate the competitiveness of the championship and who are going to be my opponents if I join to the series this year.”

Because of this testing session Rodolfo Avila will celebrate the Chinese New Year and his Birthday (on the 19th) far away from his hometown and his family and friends. “This is part of the job…”, says the young Macanese who knows how important is to represent Macau SAR in the world of Motor Racing.

If Rodolfo Avila can get into British F3 Championship Class he will be the first Macanese driver to race in the top-class of the most prestigious single-seater competition for rising racing stars. Around the world, no other race series has produced as many Grand Prix winners and World Champions as British Formula 3.

Rodolfo Avila has secured a test deal with British F3 International Series team’s Performance Racing Europe. The Macanese was invited by the Sweden founded and UK based team to drive the Championship Class car Dallara F306-Mügen Honda on the 19th and 20th at Valencia, Spain.

After conquering the 4th position in the 2006 British F3 National Class championship, Rodolfo Avila is evaluating his options for next season. The Macau SAR official driver wants to continue his career in the highest level of the world motorsport. This test will give Avila the opportunity to try the car he drove at Macau Grand Prix where the Macanese motorsport biggest hope didn’t showed all his talent because of qualifying engine troubles and an early accident at Fishermen’s Bend.

“I want to exploit this chance to return to the cockpit of the car I drove at Macau. I expect to get back to my normal pace quite fast as I don’t drive a racing car for a while. I’m looking forward to know the new team members. The team had a serious reorganization after the end of the last season and I believe Performance Racing is stronger than ever. I’m going to do my best at Valencia as there will be many others competitors from F3 world”, says Rodolfo Avila.

It is early to make a final decision concerning the 2007 season but the Macanese driver wishes to return to the place that saw him debuting in European racing. “I’d like to keep racing in Formula 3 and in England. I want to develop my driver career in a top championship to maintain Macau represented on the famous tracks around the world. Definitely I’m looking for a racing seat in a top team. Let’s wait and see. The last word will be said by my sponsors. I want to show them again my gratitude for their incredible support during 2006”, confess the 19 years old driver.

Rodolfo AvilaMacau motorsport rising star Rodolfo Avila had an unlucky weekend at his hometown event the Macau Grand Prix. On Sunday, in the main race of FIA F3 Intercontinental Cup at Circuito da Guia, the #23 Performance Racing Dallara F306-Mügen Honda hit the barriers in the open lap. Rodolfo Avila was quite disappointed but he is now focusing on 2007 season.

During the four days of competition, Rodolfo Avila was always the fastest of the five Macanese drivers. On the 15-laps main race, he pushed hard since the “green lights” and the risk resulted in him smashing into the barriers at Fishermen’s Bend.

“I went too fast and can’t avoid the accident. I have to apologise to all my team, Macau SAR citizens and my faithful sponsors for the error I did. It wasn’t the result I wanted to give them”, held Avila.

According to several press the safety car was deployed because of wreckage on the track from a coming together between Rodolfo Avila and Paul di Resta. That is false! Both cars hadn’t a single touch during the race meeting. “I didn’t collide with Paul Di Resta. He is fast but he was far behind me in the first lap. I crashed alone and I confessed my mistake. He is looking for the wrong man”, says Avila who was surprised by his opponent comments. In the fact Paul Di Resta collided with Jonathan Kennard not with Rodolfo Avila.

The Macau SAR international motorsport ambassador is looking forward next season. “I don’t know where and what I am going to do next year. I hope to stay in F3 and in Europe. That’s the place where I can develop my career. I have to give huge thanks to this people: Macau Government, Hotel Fortuna, Rio Casino,, BNU, Gain Well Group, Tong-Lei, CESL-Asia, PAL – Asia Consult, RP Macau, Tsingtao Beer, Fat Siu Lau Restaurant, PT Asia, Sujika Crafts, China Unicom (Macau), Chubb and 2nd Asian Indoor Games 2007. They did an enormous effort to support me this year”.

In high-level motorsport the work never stops. Rodolfo Avila hopes to start 2007 preparation very soon.

Macanese motorsport rising star Rodolfo Ávila completed last week in England his preparation for the FIA Intercontinental Formula 3 Cup – Grand Prix of Macau, to be held from 16 to 19 November at the demanding Circuito da Guia.

At Croft, Pembrey (Wales) and Rockingham, the driver sporting the colours of Macau SAR drove the maximum possible mileage with the white Dallara F306 – Mügen Honda of the Anglo-Sweden Performance Racing Europe team.

“I can’t say it was a fully productive testing program. I can’t also say it was so negative but definitely the steady rain didn’t help us. Anyway it was quite good to be at the wheel of the F306 again. I really enjoy driving the car. It is quite different to drive if we compare to my season 2006 car (the Dallara F304)”, explains the 19 years old driver.

For Macau Grand Prix 2006 edition, the hometown driver guaranteed the support of China Unicom (Macau) and Chubb. These two major sponsors joined to key backers Macau Government, Rio Casino, Hotel Fortuna,, BNU, Gain Well Group, Tong-Lei, CESL-Asia, PAL – Asia Consult, RP Macau, Tsingtao Beer, Fat Siu Lau Restaurant, PT Asia and Sujika Crafts as Rodolfo Avila’s Official Partners for the East Asia most famous motorsport event.

“Basically these four days were good for me to meet my new engineer and the new team crew who is going to work at Macau GP. I wanted to readapt my driving style to the car too and I reach the goal. We worked hard on the Grand Prix setup and I feel we are more confident now that we found the right path for the race weekend”, Rodolfo Avila says.

The Formula 3 event of the 53rd edition of the Macau Grand Prix will be made-up of two races, as usually: the first one on Saturday (November 18th) and the second one on Sunday (November 19th), the final standings being decided by the latest.

Macanese motorsport rising star Rodolfo Avila will join Performance Racing Europe team to contest the F3 Macau Grand Prix 2006, 16-19 November

The agreement just comes true after Macau SAR driver guaranteed the support of China Telecom (Macau). The first China mainland-based telecommunication operator to grant a mobile communication license outside of the Mainland China will be joined by worldwide leader fire and security services provider Chubb as Rodolfo Avila’s Macau GP Official Partner. Rodolfo Avila season 2006 project key backers – Macau Government, Rio Casino, Hotel Fortuna,, BNU, Gain Well Group, Tong-Lei, CESL-Asia, PAL – Asia Consult, RP Macau, Tsingtao Beer, Fat Siu Lau Restaurant, PT Asia and Sujika Crafts – will also be well represented at the most known East Asian Motorsport meeting.

The 6.2km circuit is like no other track in the world, varying in width from 14 metres along the main straight, to just seven metres as it twists through the back streets of the former Portuguese colony. This is the most important race of the year for Macanese motorsport biggest hope.

“Macau means a lot to me. It’s one of the most famous F3 races in the world, and this is my home race. My target is similar to my previous races; my sights will be on getting a respectable finishing position and the best result among Macanese racers – but, of course, anything better than that would be magnificent. After one season in British F3 I feel much more confident but at Guia Circuit we never know”, says Avila.

After analysing all the received proposals, the 19-year old finished fourth of British F3 National Class in his first European campaign this year decided to remain with Performance Racing Europe. “My team had never been here before but they are working hard to overtake the difficulty. My engineer is a Macau GP previous winner so I guess we can do a good job during the weekend to honour Macau colours!”.

Performance Racing Team Manager, Bobby Issazadhe shares the same spirit: “Performance Racing are very excited for the opportunity to race in the 53rd Macau Grand Prix with our regular driver Rodolfo Avila. The Macau Grand Prix is by far the most challenging and prestigious race on the Formula 3 calendar and for Rodolfo it is the only opportunity to showcase his talent in front of his sponsors and fans. From the start of the season we always knew how important this race was for Rodolfo and much of the work we have done this year has been in preparation for Macau. Rodolfo has developed tremendously as a driver and I am sure he will perform very well and make Macau proud of him”.

Next Monday Rodolfo Avila will be driving at Croft (England) the more powerful Performance Racing Dallara F306-Mügen Honda. The young Macanese will accomplish four days testing before Macau GP challenge.

Rodolfo AvilaMacanese promising racing driver Rodolfo Avila was full of hopes for this weekend British F3 meeting at Brands Hatch but Kent’s circuit was one of the toughest rounds this season for him. Although the Two heavy crashes on Westfield Bend shattered a possible first-class weekend result. Beside the unfortunate round Rodolfo Avila held National Class fourth position and expanded his advantage for the fifth after scoring a fourth and a fifth position in yesterday races.

Qualifying for the young Macanese was hampered by a massive crash in Westfield Bend on his 1st Qualifying session. In three hours the Performance Racing mechanics did a colossal effort to recuperate the almost ruined Dallara F304-Mugen Honda and Avila could register a time on the 2nd Qualifying session. “My team did an excellent job to recover the car just in time. Unfortunately I hadn’t many chances to make a proper qualifying time and with many red flags in the second qualifying I struggled to get my pace up. I lost precious track time because of the accident”, commented Avila. He would start from the end of the grid in the both races.

Life is not easy when you start from the back of the grid and it is too difficult to pass around the Brands Hatch GP circuit but Macau SAR motorsport ambassador wanted to show that he can do it. In Race 1, Avila pulled off a spectacular move at the start to vault to fourth National Class position. Then he attacked the third position but “in the middle of the race I felt my car was loosing grip so I did my best to keep my fourth position and it wasn’t an undemanding mission”.

In Race 2 Avila’s car was fitted with three old tyres (as three new tyres were destroyed on the 1st Qualifying accident) and Avila couldn’t get his opponents pace. In the end #38 entry would finish the race on the Westfield Bend barriers. “After the Safety-Car period I did a really good restart and was pushing to get closer to the other competitors. On the exit of Westfield corner I run a bit wide and went on the kerb when my car bottomed out and just drove straight into the tire wall”, explained the driver sponsored by Macau Government, Rio Casino, Hotel Fortuna,, BNU, Gain Well Group, Tong-Lei, CESL-Asia, Profabril – Asia Consult, RP MACAU, CTM, Tsingtao Beer, Fat Siu Lau, PT Asia and Sujika Crafts.

Avila’s European adventure continues on the 16th/17th September, in the third-final outing of the 2006 series. The Macanese racing prospect will travel to Mugello in Italy for rounds 15 and 16.

Rodolfo AvilaMacau’s budding racing star Rodolfo Avila took a double 4th place at Silverstone this weekend. In England the Performance Racing’s Asian driver result keep him secure in 4th position of British Formula 3 International Series National Class.

Qualifying saw Avila place 4th for Race 1 and Race 2. The #38 Dallara-Mügen Honda is fighting for top-3 of National Class again after three complicated and inauspicious rounds. “After a disappointed Thursday practice, in Qualifying 1 we showed that we are back on the top again. Qualifying 2 times could be better but I opted to keep the tyres for the second Sunday race”.

In Race 1, held in wet conditions rather than the dry weather in which he qualified, Rodolfo Avila had been extremely unlucky and paid high for opponents big mistakes. “It was a tough race and the luck determined the final result. And I hadn’t any luck this year! I started quite well but I spun on the first corner. When I was climbing positions Championship Class’s Keiko Ihara did another foolish move and hit me hard in the back. Anyway when I was making progress in the classification again the “Safety-car” came out. I was in a good position to secure a podium result but Invitational Class’s Basil Shaaban just hit me in the rear on the restart lap. It was a shame because I’m sure I could get a podium here”.

The Race 2 was less turbulent for the driver supported by Macau Government, Rio Casino, Hotel Fortuna,, BNU, Gain Well Group, Tong-Lei, CESL-Asia, PAL – Asia Consult, RP MACAU, CTM, Tsingtao Beer, Fat Siu Lau Restaurant, PT Asia and Sujika Crafts. “I did one more nice start and held the 3rd position. The first laps went very well. I was pushing hard. After four laps I felt my left tyres weren’t working perfectly anymore and I lost two positions and altered my race pace. I did my best and I overtook Martin Kudzak near the end. It was a funny race! Now we should work hard to improve the team’s performance for the next four rounds”.

Macanese F3 driver will travel to Brands Hatch in Kent for rounds 13 and 14 on the 26th/27th August. Rodolfo Avila is eager to return to National Class podium.